We created Vatevr with the idea to respond adequately to international trade trends and be even more useful to businesses. Easier access to European markets and increased cross-border trade in goods through our own websites or platforms guarantees a huge market for entrepreneurs, but also creates tax obligations for them in other EU countries, which is another challenge.

The Vatevr project will help companies to be familiar with the legal specifics of VAT on international trade in order to optimize their work process.

Vatevr will also be of service to accountants to assist them in complying with the European directives, as far as VAT is concerned.

We provide services related to the management of VAT processes throughout the European Union, which in particular includes:

  • VAT registration in the countries of the European Union;
  • Filing VAT returns in EU countries;
  • Submission of Intrastat declarations upon reaching the set thresholds;
  • Consultations on VAT requirements in different countries.

The need for these actions arises in connection with the compliance with European regulations relating to value added tax and statistics on intra-Community trade in goods.

Some of the cases where you have to comply with European VAT requirements are the following:

VAT in countries from the European Economic Area

Why you should choose us?


We offer you a ONE-STOP SHOP SERVICE - no matter how many countries you are trading in, you do not need to look for an accountant in each one of them, we will take care of the fulfillment of your obligations, saving you time and effort;


AWARENESS - you will be informed in due time of any changes affecting your business in order to be protected on the one hand and to reap the benefits of your business on the other;


We offer you OPTIMAL PRICES - we work with partners in different countries, which gives us the opportunity to offer you an optimal price for services lower than the prices you will get if you contact an accountant in that country yourself;


COMMUNICATION - you will communicate with us in your native language, which facilitates your work and reduces the possibility of errors in communication in a foreign language;


EXPERIENCE - we and our partners, respectively, work with a large number of clients, which guarantees the quality of our work;


ASSISTANCE - we and our partners will assist you fully in interacting with the relevant tax authorities;


CONSULTATIONS - we will advise you on your responsibilities and the opportunities you have when working in your chosen country. If further information is needed, we can always contact our partner in the country concerned. You will minimize the likelihood of errors due to inaccurate information known to you from the Internet.

For more information contact us at:

+359 888 40 65 78